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Full Irish Breakfast on table at Small Talk Espresso Bar & Kitchen in Waterloo NSW

What Is a Full Irish Breakfast?

Our full Irish breakfast is more than just a plate of food; it’s an event in and of itself, and it should be approached with gusto and a great appetite. An Irish breakfast is often loaded with protein, with four breakfast meats and two eggs fried sunny side up.

It’s nothing new to eat eggs with bacon and sausages, but the feast that awaits you when you order an Irish breakfast is a sign of a great cook.

What Characterises a Small Talk Espresso Bar & Kitchen Irish Breakfast?

There will also be button mushrooms cooked in butter until tender, in addition to the meats and eggs. There may also be a can of saucy baked beans on the side, as well as broiled or pan-fried tomato halves, depending on who you ask.

Full Irish Breakfast Small Talk Espresso Bar & Kitchen Waterloo

Whether it’s the soft, pre-sliced variety the Irish call “pan” or more nutritious pieces of brown soda bread, plenty of toast is a must-have. Some folks fried their bread in bacon grease, but stay away from anything that looks like a deep-fat fryer. If you visit Northern Ireland, you’ll be served a little skillet cake with potato in the dough. Hash browns and thick fries (chips) are usually included.

You can rest assured, however, that a little dish of delicious, golden Irish butter and a jar of marmalade will be provided to spread on your toast.

Of course, a hot, strong cup of Irish tea with milk, also known as a cuppa, is the ideal way to wash it down, and you may get an entire pot.

How we Make a Traditional Irish Breakfast

The Irish breakfast has a greasy reputation due to poorly performed instances. But when everything is done well, from the source of sustainably farmed meats to the preparation, there is nothing quite as satisfying as a Small Talk Espresso and bar chef making it for you. 

Having everything ready at the same moment is a show, so a thoughtful cook will have two skillets and the broiler ready. The bacon rashers (slices) are fried first, and the fat left behind aids in the cooking of the remaining ingredients—except the eggs, which are cooked separately.

Back or loin bacon, as it is known in Ireland, is similar to what we call Australian bacon. Every child’s favourite component, tender Irish sausages, are packed with finely ground pork, soft breadcrumbs, and seasonings. Our Small Talk Espresso Bar & Kitchen chef pierces these sausages in a few places, and places them in the hot pan, which is why they don’t pop like they’re known as bangers in England.

What Is the Difference Between a Full Irish Breakfast and an English Breakfast?

Although an English breakfast is fairly similar to an Irish breakfast, it may include fried potatoes. Another distinction is the absence of two essential ingredients: sliced black pudding or white pudding. These pig delicacies, which are native to County Cork, have become a staple of any Irish fry-up.

Our chef is carrying on the tradition of getting traditional Irish sausages, and makes the puddings and breads, with local ingredients.

A full Irish breakfast is protein-rich and will certainly set you up for the day ahead.

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